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Waxholm’s Katten Cattery


My name is Margaretha Backhurst and I’m the owner of the small home-raised cattery Waxholms Katten. We have 6 cats in the cattery right now, 1 male, 1 females and 1 nutre.

Today our breeding program is devoted to the persian and exotic breed, but when we start breeding, 1985, it was British shorthair who was our passion. After a few years break we was searching for a new British Shorthair but insted we run in to a Persian & Exotic breeder, Quickstep’s.

At Quickstep’s I met a sweet litter of persian and exotics and completly falled in love in one of them, Quickstep’s Qom Promiss, aka Picasso. So now we only breed persian and exotic. We don’t cage our cats, they live with us as family members and we only use PKD-tested and HCM-tested cats in our breeding.

That was a little bit about me and my cattery, I hope you will enjoy your time surfing around at my site and please, don’t forget to sign my guest book :-)

// Margaretha Backhurst

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Margaretha Backhurst
Benvägen 43
723 52 Västerås

Tele: +46(0)21180225

Mobile: 073-5797444

Mail: maggan@waxholmskatten.com